I got the bike and it was set to Miles. Through factory settings you can change this but you need the code. In next video I will explain how to do this.

In this short intro I show you the Odometer menu, there are 2 odometers so you can store 2 settings. When displayed (1 or 2) and you long push the menuknob the settings will reset to 0.

Pushing the knob on the left handlebar (above blinkers) to right/left you scroll through the menu. In here you see:

  • Total KM/Miles that the motor has run (can't reset this ;))
  • TRIP: Distance driven since last reset.
  • TIME: Time driven since last reset.
  • MAX: Maximun speed you reached since last reset (reset this quickly when stopped by Police ;))
  • AVG: Your avarege speed since last reset.
  • AVG Fuel: Avarage full consumption since last reset
  • Fuel: current full consumption (only active while driving)
  • MENU: The menu options