Probably one off the last drives for 2015 on my Suzuki GSX 750 F, because winter is coming. Luckely last days are the warmest november days in 100+ years so enjoy.

Shot with old cam (new position in breast pocket jacket), so sound and video is not the best.

01:24 Birds
01:32 Friendly waves
01:40 Slippery roundabouts
02:18 Irritated by driver
02:49 Slipping and sliding
03:06 Slippery roundabouts again
03:19 Sunday drivers
04:06 Illegal pass
04:31 Vroaaam
05:19 More diehards
05:43 Oeps, saw that to late
06:33 No indicators, what's new
07:26 Let's see what Kristina does at higher speeds. Touched 180 ;) Very stable.
08:15 Thanks for giving me space
08:56 Lot's of sunday drivers, how to pass?
09:19 GREEN!
09:32 Let's do that again
10:05 Let's cruise home
10:48 Getting some compliments from a neighbour, always nice ;)

Music: http://www.bensound