Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200 attached with 3m Dual Lock on my helmet. Steady shot off (170° vision i.o. 120° vision) and external mic more forward. Need a better place.

CAM did well but battery died after 75 minutes. Should last over 2 hours... Grrrrr

At 02:42 Police everywhere
At 04:15 Old Dutch
At 05:50 Circus
At 07:45 The dike
At 09:19 Almost dropped the bike
At 21:13 Sluice
At 23:55 Windmill
At 26:32 More dike
At 35:01 Almost ran over lady runner
At 35:57 Bad driver

Still need to find a better mic, this one is o.k. if placed well but to bulgy.